Why You Should Play Mono-Red Aggro In This Weekend’s Alchemy Arena Open

GerryT recommends one deck in one color for the Alchemy Open on MTG Arena. See why he thinks his list of Mono-Red Aggro is the way to go, plus a sideboarding guide.

Electrostatic Blast, illustrated by Paolo Puggioni

In theory, Alchemy is a great idea, although it hasn’t been handled well thus far. There’s an Alchemy Open on MTG Arena this weekend, so you have a chance to win some money and get your cards nerfed for zero refund. Pay some gems, win some money? Sounds easy enough, right? 

Well, I suppose you need a decklist first.

Mono-Red Aggro is better than I expected. Although it’s arguably stronger in Best-of-Three than Best-of-One, I’d be happy playing it in either queue. The deck has a solid early-game mana curve with creatures that manage to scale reasonably into the late-game. Even though you have to place an emphasis on removal that kills some of the larger threats in the format, the removal is quite good. 

Unlike red decks of years past, this one doesn’t have a ton of burn potential. Killing an opponent from five or so life isn’t difficult, but if they stabilize at a higher life total, getting the job done can be tough. You’re more focused on presenting individual, solid threats while removing blockers and maintaining traction. There are pros and cons to that approach, but realistically we don’t have another option. 

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