It’s Time To Dust Off Jeskai Control In Modern

Todd Anderson is all-in on Jeskai Control in Modern after a rip-roaring result on VS Live! How would he build the deck for metagame domination?

Archmage’s Charm, illustrated by Alayna Danner

Modern continues to surprise me. About two weeks ago, Guillaume Wafo-Tapa went on an absolute tear in a pair of Magic Online tournaments with a classic "Wafo Control" build. It featured a hefty amount of Shark Typhoon and a lot of Fact or Fiction, which generally means it's just Wafo being Wafo. If you've paid attention to the man's career, you'd understand exactly what I'm talking about. Sometimes you see a deck he plays and just can't fathom it being playable, let alone good.


Some people are just masters of their craft, and Wafo-Tapa is one of those legendary control players who likes what he likes and you don't question it. If you want to change a card or three, you'll probably have similar (but worse) results, but the core of the deck is usually something to talk about. In this instance, the core of the deck is excellent, but the surrounding cast just needs a little bit of work.

After piloting a tweaked version for the first time on VS Live! I fell in love with it. It surely affected my opinion after beating Ross Merriam in a clean 3-0 sweep, with Ross piloting three of the format's top decks. Spending the day enveloped in Magic, talking about Magic with fellow content creators, and physically playing games got the juices flowing again. This new version was born from Wafo-Tapa, but it was turned monstrous by someone else.

Behold, Wafo Control. Soak it in. This is about to get dicey.

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