Five Cards From Adventures in the Forgotten Realms That Will Impact Historic

With a majority of Adventures in the Forgotten Realms previewed, World Champion PVDDR examines five of the set’s most impactful cards!

Ebondeath, Dracolich, illustrated by Lars Grant-West

From the looks of it, Adventures in the Forgotten Realms seems to be a low-powered set; we’re getting another Strixhaven rather than another Throne of Eldraine. Even then, there are a couple of cards that I believe can find their way into some current existing Historic decks. Lets get to it.

Werewolf Pack Leader

Werewolf Pack Leader is a pretty strong card and Gruul Aggro decks are the perfect home for it. Here’s how I would build the deck:

As a 3/3, it gets to dodge some of the most commonly played removal spells (Prismari Command, Pillar of Flame, Shock), but the reason I’m excited about it is that the Gruul deck has a number of ways to activate Werewolf Pack Leader’s ability on Turn 3, including two three-power haste creatures (Gruul Spellbreaker and Ahn-Crop Crasher).

Curving Turn 2 Werewolf Pack Leader into either of these creatures on Turn 3 will immediately give you a card back, and then you threaten to trigger it every . . .

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