Everything I Know About Vampires In Pioneer

Todd Anderson is out for blood in Pioneer! He shares what he’s learned of MTG Vampires decks, including his latest list and a sideboarding guide.

Sorin, Imperious Bloodlord, illustrated by Chase Stone

Pioneer is back and I'm having a blast.


The gameplay is awesome, there are plenty of decks to choose from, and the format feels fresh because so few eyes have been on it over the last year. I've been digging hard to find decks I really like, and others I can make significant changes to in order to make them more efficient, better against the current metagame, and some bigger-picture stuff. Long story short, there's a whole lot to like about Pioneer, and I highly recommend trying it for yourself if you haven't already. Long gone are the days of Dimir Inverter. Now is the time for Vampires!

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