Everything I Know About Jeskai Whirza In Modern

Dom Harvey used Portable Hole to take Azorius Whirza to a Top 8 in a Magic Online Modern Challenge. He shares his updated build and a sideboarding guide.

Urza, Lord High Artificer, illustrated by Grzegorz Rutkowski

When we got our first glimpse of Modern Horizons 2 and Adventures in the Forgotten Realms at the same time, we didn’t know what to expect from either. A few months later, we're still processing the impact of the former and struggling to detect the latter. In breaking down the set with Ari Lax on Dominaria’s Judgment and coming up with a ranking for the First Impressions column, I struggled to find exciting cards to talk about.

The first card we saw was in fact the best one. I speculated about Azorius Whirza being the deck that gained the most from this set thanks to Portable Hole and decided to test that theory in a Modern Challenge on Magic Online (MTGO) last weekend:

This first pass felt fine but is likely to suffer splash damage as the competition sets its sights squarely on Colossus Hammer. Once the format shifts again, the next iteration of Whirza will be worth another look.

Before going over the cards that make the deck work, I need to address one that didn’t make the cut:

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