Everything I Know About Four-Color Jeskai Ascendancy In Pioneer

Dom Harvey used a Jeskai Ascendancy combo deck to qualify for a Set Championship. He updates the list so you too can find Pioneer MTG success.

Jeskai Ascendancy, illustrated by Dan Scott

Pioneer is in the ascendant. With Standard effectively dead and replaced by Alchemy, Magic's smallest, default format (already extinct in paper) is moving in its own digital-only direction and there is a growing desire for a non-rotating paper format with a lower financial and institutional barrier than Modern. 


Pioneer fits that bill perfectly. Decks are dirt-cheap in paper and online, you're guaranteed to find a playable one that fits your playstyle, and nothing is so obnoxious or so clearly the best thing to be doing that you feel like you're wasting your time otherwise. If you understandably swore off Pioneer when it was throttled by Dimir Inverter or infested with Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath and Teferi, Time Raveler like every other format, I urge you to dip your toe in again when you can. As more players get their first taste of current Pioneer, I'm confident that even more people will be declaring Pioneer their favourite format before long.  

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