Dissecting The Various Shades Of Colossus Hammer In Modern

Colossus Hammer decks are Tier 1 in Modern MTG, yet Ari Lax finds himself pulled in several directions. He reviews five different approaches with the same one-word goal: “Bonk.”

Colossus Hammer, illustrated by Dmitry Burmak

Mono-White Hammer (Lurrus) is the best deck in Modern.

Err.... Orzhov Hammer (Lurrus) is the best deck in Modern.

Err... is that Selesnya Hammer (Lurrus) Top 8ing a bunch of events?

Wait, what Mono-White Hammer list was I talking about again?

Which Hammer list should you be playing and when does that change?

When All You Have Is a Hammer....

All of the current Hammer lists are trying to solve two problems with the Hammer core.

Solitude Unholy Heat Engineered Explosives

Problem one: what happens when your opponent casts a removal spell? Back in the early Magic 2020 days of Hammer, the big issue brought up was comparing them to Simic Infect. Where is your Vines of Vastwood? Why are you playing a deck with a more specific combo without baked-in protection against removal? It turns out not having all your stuff die to Wrenn and Six and having a more compact combo when mulliganing were both big deals, but you still have to expect your opponent to interact and stop what you're doing, and you have to have some plan to keep playing from that point.

Urza's Saga Sigarda's Aid Puresteel Paladin

Problem two: how do you minimize mulligans?

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