Zendikar Rising Mastery Pass Unveiled

Zendikar Rising Mastery Pass now goes up to 130 levels and includes customizable emotes.

The Magic Arena Mastery Pass for Zendikar Rising was revealed today, bringing with it the first chance since the launch of Arena to unlock new emotes.

The Mastery Pass for Zendikar Rising will contain 130 levels, compared to 90 levels from the Core Set 2021 Mastery Pass. Players unlock levels with XP earned from wins, completing quests, and other optional events to earn rewards like card cosmetics, sleeves, game board pets, gold, gems, draft tokens, individual card rewards (ICRs), avatars, and booster packs. All players have access to the Set Mastery which rewards up to five booster packs of the newest set per week, but can purchase an additional track called the Mastery Pass with the other types of rewards.

For the first time, players will be able to unlock customizable emotes ranging from ten text emotes similar to what players already have (“Good Game” or “Your Go”) to five sticker emotes which are completely new to Arena. In addition to the usual rewards for a Master Pass, this set’s pass will also contain renewal mastery rewards for players who have logged in to their account prior to September 17. These prizes will range from booster packs to card sleeves to ICRs ranging from uncommon to mythic rare.

The Mastery Pass can be pre-ordered in the Arena store now for $49.99 and includes three player draft tokens, one sealed token, one copy of Nahiri, Heir of the Ancients, and a card style for Nahiri, Heir of the Ancients. Normally, the Mastery Pass can be purchased after the official set release in a stand alone option.

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