Magic Online Update Lets Players Block Trade Requests

Magic Online issues update after streamers reported players getting locked out by trade request spam.

Trading Post, illustrated by Adam Paquette

Magic Online issued an update today to allow players to block trades directly from the trade request window.

The update was teased yesterday, along with the recommendation of changing settings so that only buddies can send requests during play.

The update comes after a handful of Magic streamers experienced them or their opponents getting spammed with trade requests to lock them out of making game actions and crash the Magic Online client. Caleb Durward brought the issue to Twitter on August 15.

Kenji Egashira also brought it up on August 24 prompting a response from the Magic Online Twitter account.

Evart Moughon also followed up reporting that his opponents were getting spammed even though he was making his best attempts to cover up their identities.

The update was a follow up to yesterday’s Magic Online Announcements article.