WotC, Stream Elements Unveil MTG Creator Program

Wizards of the Coast is starting 2020 off in a big way! If you’re a MTG content creator, you won’t want to miss this announcement!

In an ongoing effort to support Magic: The Gathering content creators, Wizards of the Coast (WotC) has announced the Content Creator Program, in partnership with StreamElements.

According to WotC, the Magic Creator Program is “a first-of-its-kind platform giving streamers directed Challenges to help them create engaging content with and for their communities…”

Magic content creators will only have to apply and be accepted one time, so no need to worry about reapplying.


Challenges are scheduled with “regular cadence,” so creators will always have activities to run with their communities, and are broken down into two categories:

Automated challenges are “…anything that StreamElements can track through the Twitch API: things like streaming time, raids, and total viewership.”

Manual Challenges require submission of “…a clip of yourself completing the requirements in your stream, and you’ll be able to claim your reward once we’ve verified that the Challenge has been met.”

Examples of Challenges via Streamlabs

More information on Challenges is scheduled to be released onto the WotC Promotions Page as it becomes available later this year.

The Magic: The Gathering Creator Program is scheduled to enter beta shortly, and any content creators interested can apply today.

The Greenlight Fund

In addition to the Creator Program, WotC also announced the Greenlight Fund, a program that “…represents a phenomenal opportunity for our highest-quality producers and ultimate networkers to bring brand-new shows to life.”

The Greenlight Fund allows WotC to “…invest in the next big wave of community content” and “…applicants must submit a detailed pitch through a Challenge that will go live within the Magic Creator Program in the near future.”

Everything from smaller $5,000 ideas to massive $250,000 efforts will be evaluated and potentially funded via Project Greenlight. 

Currently, no decisions will be made during the projects beta phase, but with one million dollars set aside, its clear that WotC is very serious about helping fans turn their content into a something much larger.

Read the full article from Wizards of the Coast.