WotC Releases Strixhaven Set Mastery Pass Details For MTG Arena

Check out all the sweet extras and rewards that come with the Strixhaven Set Mastery Pass on MTG Arena!

Wizards of the Coast (WotC) has released the contents and everything you need to know about the Strixhaven: School of Mages Set Mastery Pass on MTG Arena.

Strixhaven Set Mastery

Strixhaven Mastery contains 90 levels for players to climb, with awards provided through level 72. Players will need the Strixhaven Set Mastery Pass to receive rewards beyond level 72. In total, the Mastery includes 36 Strixhaven Booster packs and five Orbs, used to redeem card styles or avatars on the Mastery tree.

Strixhaven Set Mastery Pass

Card Rewards

The Strixhaven Set Mastery Pass includes twenty Booster packs (3x STX, 3x KHM, 3x ZNR, 3x M21, 3x IKO, 3x THB, 2x ELD), as well as ten Strixhaven mythic rare Individual Card Rewards and five Mystical Archive cards. Players who reach level 91 and beyond will receive one uncommon card reward.

Gold and Gems

  • 4,000 gold
  • 1,200 gems

Card Styles and Sleeves

  • 25 Orbs (each can be redeemed for a card style or avatar on the Strixhaven Mastery Tree)
  • 15x Common card styles
  • 10x Uncommon card styles
  • Professor of Zoomancy card sleeve
  • Silverquill Archon Exquisite card sleeve

Avatars and Pets

The Strixhaven Set Mastery Pass includes six themed avatars, Dina, Soul Steeper, Killian, Ink Duelist, Zimone, Quadrix Prodigy, Rootha, Mercurial Artist, and Quintorius, Field Historian, each of which are available through the Strixhaven Mastery Tree. The Pass also includes five Magic Book Pets which contain two tiers each.

Strixhaven: School of Mages releases April 23. Check out our official preview gallery.

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