WotC Explains Secret Lair Collector Booster Mixup

Sorry Secret Lair purchasers, looks like not everyone will be receiving a full Collector Booster box.

Wizards of the Coast (WotC) has announced that the Theros Beyond Death Collector Booster boxes being sent out with delayed Secret Lair orders were a mistake.

Earlier this week, several customers whose Secret Lair: International Women’s Day orders had been delayed, reported finally receiving their orders accompanied by a Theros Beyond Death Collector Booster box.

After a day of speculation from other customers still awaiting their orders, WotC confirmed via their @MTGSecretLair Twitter account that this was an “internal miscommunication” and orders were only supposed to receive a single Collector Booster.

WotC goes on to explain that the extra Collector Booster pack was meant to be an apology gift “due to the COVID-19 related shipping delays”, and customers still waiting on their orders should not expect to receive a full Collector Booster box.