WotC Announces Updated Release Structure For Universes Beyond

WotC shares an update detailing the future of Universes Beyond!

Wizards of the Coast (WotC) has released an update on the future of Universes Beyond and Secret Lair.

According to WotC, their goal with Universes Beyond and Secret Lair drops was to create “…fun and collectable expressions of your favorite characters from other, well, universes…” without limiting “…mechanical expressions and game pieces” from those who opt out of the direct-to-consumer channel. In essence, their goal is to cater to both the players who are interested in worlds outside Magic as well as those who prefer their cards to be set strictly within the Multiverse.

Moving forward, cards that are printed as part of Secret Lair drops will have a timeline for additional print runs through the following means:

  • Creating and printing “versions of the mechanically unique Secret Lair Universes Beyond cards that are set in Magic‘s Multiverse approximately six months (the exact time may vary) after their release in Secret Lair.
  • The in-Magic versions will be available on The List, findable in Set Boosters for as long as players are still interested in opening them. To start, they’ll appear on The List more frequently than other cards to make them easier to find. In the future, we may reprint these cards in other products—we’ll have that flexibility.
  • These cards will be considered equivalent game pieces—meaning you could only play four copies (or one copy) of either the Magic version or Universes Beyond version in your deck.”

Additionally, the timeframe for availability on upcoming Universes Beyond Secret Lair products is being expanded to ensure fans have ample time to get their hands on the desired products. Unfortunately, this expanded time window will not be extended to the cards from The Walking Dead.

WotC also hinted at an exciting upcoming Universes Beyond partnership, however no details were disclosed at this time.

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