WotC Announces More Promo And Product Shipping Delays

More COVID-19 related shipping delays hit LGS promotion, Jumpstart, and more.

Wizards of the Coast (WotC) has announced additional shipping delays for the Love Your Local Game Store promotion, Jumpstart, and Core Set 2021 Start Kits in Europe.

Similar to the majority of recent delays, these too stem from COVID-19 related shipping issues, and WotC asks that customers continue to be patient during these unprecedented times.

Love Your Local Game Store

Announced a few weeks ago, the Love Your Local Game Store promotion includes a series of promos, which have been delayed until June 12 at the earliest. Conversely, the Mystery Booster allocations “may arrive earlier”, so purchasers may be able to negotiate a later date to pick up their promo.

Jumpstart & Core Set 2021 Starter Kit

Affecting only European regions, Jumpstart and the Amazon version of the Core Set 2021 Starter Kit has been pushed to July 24. The normal version of the Starter Kit will release August 21.

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