WotC Announces 2020-21 Postseason Events For MPL, Rivals

Learn more about the 2020-2021 postseason events for Magic pro play.

The 2020-2021 regular season for pro Magic wraps up in June with the Strixhaven Championship, but the high-level Magic will continue through October with multiple postseason events.

The Challenger Gauntlet starts the Magic pro postseason on August 6-8, where the top non-Magic Pro League (MPL) and Rivals League competitors from the three set Championship events this season will battle it out in a tournament to determine who gets to join the MPL or Rivals League next season. The top four finishers in the Challenger Gauntlet earn invites to the 2021-2022 MPL and Magic World Championship XXVII. The next eight top finishers will qualify for the Rivals Gauntlet, guaranteeing them at least a spot in Rivals next season and the chance to make the MPL or the World Championship.

The MPL and Rivals League Gauntlets will play out on September 2-5 and these events will finalize the rosters for the MPL and World Championship. The top four finishers in the 24-person Rivals Gauntlet will earn invites to the MPL next season and the winner will also clinch a spot in the World Championship. The top eight finishers in the MPL Gauntlet will secure invites to the 2021-2022 season of the MPL with two more players earning invites to the World Championship. All other players in the MPL Gauntlet will be invited to the Rivals League next season.

The 2020-2021 pro season will culminate with the Magic World Championship XXVII on October 8-10. The World Championship will be made of sixteen of the strongest players on the year breaking down to:

  • The Magic Word Championship XXVI winner
  • The Top 4 players from the MPL and Rivals regular seasons
  • The winner and runner-up of the MPL Gauntlet
  • The winner of the Rivals League Gauntlet
  • The Top 4 finishers from the Challenger Gauntlet

Players already qualified for the Magic World Championship XXVII include:

  • Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa
  • Ondrej Strasky
  • Eli Kassis

Formats for all the above listed events have not been announced yet.

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