WizKids Announces Third Wave of MTG Unpainted Miniatures

The most popular manufacturer of collectible miniature games unveil possible new gods from Kaldheim.

WizKids has announced the release of more models to their Deep Cuts Magic: The Gathering Unpainted Miniature line, including some familiar faces along with two new gods.

Jace, Nahiri, and Kaya are all getting the mini treatment in the next set of packs, but two characters new to Magic lore are also being introduced. Reidane, Goddess of Justice and Arlund, God of Wisdom could be hints at two of the new characters in the upcoming 2021 Viking-themed set, Kaldheim.

The characters, both old and new, will be joining a run of other minis ranging from elves, dwarves, and more. Check out the new wave on miniatures:

Reidane, Goddess of Justice – MSRP $4.99

Alrund, God of Wisdom – MSRP $4.99

Jace – MSRP $4.99

Nahiri – MSRP $4.99

Kaya – MSRP $4.99

Dwarf Fighter and Dwarf Cleric – MSRP $4.99

Elf Fighter and Elf Cleric – MSRP $4.99

Human Berserkers – MSRP $4.99

Cosmo Serpent – MSRP $14.99

Cosmo Wolf – MSRP $14.99

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