Weekly MTG Unboxes Commander 2021 Decks, Shows Off New Packaging

Learn more about the new packaging for the Commander 2021 decks.

Adrix and Nev, Twincasters, illustrated by Andrew Mar

Chris Peeler and Adam Styborski used today’s episode of Weekly MTG to recap the Commander 2021 decks previewed so far and to show off the new packaging for the decks.

An article from Daily MTG detailed the updates to the packaging for the Commander decks and how it has removed almost all plastic materials from the packaging. Outside of the plastic wrap around the cards, all other plastic has been replaced with paper to make more of the packaging recyclable. The Commander 2021 decks will still look similar to the old packaging, but the materials have changed to do away with the multiple plastic shells.

Check out the images below to see how the new packaging looks when unboxing the new Commander decks.

Peeler and Styborski also showed off the Commander decks in their minimal packaging version. This version does away with the display tray and punch out tokens, but still has all the cards and display commander card.

There will be more updated packaging for more products coming soon.