Weekly MTG Previews Timeshifted Palace Jailer, New Art Mangar of Corondor

Show previews a set of blink-themed cards as well as new art legend.

Mangara of Corondor, illustrated by Karl Kopinski

Gavin Verhey joined Steve Sunu and Chris Peeler on Weekly MTG to talk Time Spiral Remastered and preview a few cards, including a timeshifted version of Palace Jailer.

Verhey discussed how the set came to be from concept to design, a few Limited archetypes, and how the team narrowed down what cards to timeshift on the bonus sheet. They previewed a handful of cards revolving around blink effects, starting with the card that gave the ability its name, Momentary Blink.

Other reprints maintaining their original art include: Whitemane Lion, Stonecloaker, and Stormfront Riders.

Whitemane Lion Stonecloaker Stormfront Riders

The trio did have a reprint with new art and a new legendary frame — Mangara of Corondor.

Lastly, the group got to their timeshifted preview card: Palace Jailer. A Cube, Commander, and Legacy staple, Palace Jailer looks right at home with the original card border after only existing in the modern card frame.

Some other quick hits about Time Spiral Remastered were covered as well:

  • Cards from the bonus sheet will come in foil, using the old shooting star at the bottom of the frame
  • Some cards were shifted to mythic rare, even though mythic rares didn’t exist when Time Spiral was released
  • Some cards were downshifted in rarity, including some hits for Pauper
  • No planeswalkers get the timeshifted frame
  • No basic lands will appear in the set