Weekly MTG Previews Six Cards From Adventures In The Forgotten Realms

Check out a reprint and five new cards coming in Adventures in the Forgotten Realms.

Power of Persuasion illustrated by Brian Valeza

Blake Rasmussen was joined by James Wyatt and Jules Robins on Weekly MTG to discuss Adventures in the Forgotten Realms and preview a few cards.

The group started by showing off a reprint, the iconic Bag of Holding.

This reprint from Core Set 2020 has new art depicting a bard evading a Beholder.

From there, the trio previewed five new cards ranging from cheap creatures to expensive artifacts.

First up is Goblin Javelineer. This new take on Raging Goblin gets a trigger when it becomes blocked, allowing it to attack into one toughness creatures with almost no risk.

Power of Persuasion is a sorcery d20 card that will show up plenty in Limited. You will always temporarily remove the creature you’re targeting, but the way it’s removed will vary. A natural 20 gives you a temporary Control Magic.

Rimeshield Frost Giant is a bread and butter Limited card showing off the ward keyword that debuted in Strixhaven: School of Mages.

Wizard’s Spellbook is a top-down design of a popular item from Dungeons & Dragons. This seven-mana artifact lets you rifle through any player’s graveyard and cast copy of their spells. If you hit a natural 20 you get to copy all of the spells exiled with it!

Finally, check out Demilich. A mythic rare Skeleton Wizard that rewards you for playing a lot of spells — something a blue deck will almost certainly be looking to do. If you can cast four spells in a turn, Demilich is free. Once it’s on the battlefield, you can start copying other spells when it attacks. Top it all off with an ability that lets you play it from your graveyard by exiling four instants and sorceries. Once again, if you play four spells and Demilich is in your graveyard, you can bring it back for free!

What do you think of all the new cards and the reprint? Do any cards strike you as a Standard staple or Commander all-star?

Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms is scheduled for release on July 23. View our official preview gallery.