Treasure Chest Introduces Rolling D20s In Adventures In The Forgotten Realms

Get your d20 ready because Treasure Chest is here!

Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast (WotC), check out the first card in black border that instructs the player to roll a d20 for an effect from Adventures in the Forgotten Realms — Treasure Chest!

Few things are more iconic in D&D than rolling a d20 so it makes sense that it showed up on a card in Adventures in the Forgotten Realms. Treasure Chest is a three-mana artifact that doesn’t do anything until a stat check is made by paying four more mana and rolling a d20.

4, Sacrifice Treasure Chest: Roll a d20.

1 | Trapped! — You lose 3 life.

2-9 | — Create five Treasure tokens.

10-19 | — You gain 3 life and draw three cards.

20 | — Search your library for a card. It it’s an artifact card, you may put it onto the battlefield. Otherwise, put that card into your hand. Then shuffle.

All but one outcome will reward you for opening the chest, but an unlucky one will punish you with a loss of three life. Nine outcomes give you Treasure tokens to make any color of mana, nine outcomes gives you three life and three cards, and a 20 lets you tutor an artifact onto the battlefield or any card into your hand from your library.

While seven mana is a lot to ask for to generate five Treasure tokens or to lose three life, Treasure Chest definitely fits the flavor and feel of a D&D Magic set. The other two outcomes are also pretty expensive at seven mana and comes with the downside of having to be on the battlefield to activate.

What do you think of Treasure Chest? Does the flavor and fun of rolling a d20 mitigate the risk of the card? Or is the card a lock for casual play no matter what the outcomes could be?

Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms is scheduled for release on July 23. View our official preview gallery.