Theros Beyond Death Theme Boosters To Feature Ten Exclusive Rares

Check out ten exclusive rares available in Theros Beyond Death Theme Boosters!

Wizards of the Coast announced today that Theros Beyond Death Theme Boosters will include a series of ten exclusive rare cards not be available in traditional Draft Booster Packs.

Theme Boosters were previously made up of cards from the main sets, but moving forward they will include:

  • 35 cards from Theros Beyond Death all from the same color
  • One rare or mythic rare card

These rare cards are designed to be “…aimed at newer players looking to collect cards in that specific theme” and have a chance to appear in the rare/mythic rare slot.

Each exclusive rare also has a chance to appear in Theros Beyond Death Collector Boosters.

Theros Beyond Death releases January 24, 2019. Preorder Draft Booster Boxes, Collector Booster Boxes, Theme Boosters, singles and more today!