The Astrology Lands Secret Lair Kicks Off With Capricorn Swamp

New series of Secret Lair drops to include one full-art basic land for an astrological sign each month.

Swamp illustrated by Jeanne D’Angelo

The first of twelve upcoming Secret Lair drops in The Astrology Lands series will be the Capricorn Swamp with art by Jeanne D’Angelo.

The series will have one full-art basic land for each astrological sign, starting with the Capricorn Swamp. Each month will feature a new sign and they will all be available throughout the end of 2022.

The Astrology Lands: Capricorn is available in four different order options. The non-foil edition includes five Swamps for $29.99 while the foil edition costs $39.99. Foil and non-foil bundles are available that include five copies of the drop, costing $119.99 for non-foil and $159.99 for foil.

Order at the Secret Lair site.