Ten New Blue Cards Previewed From MTG Alchemy: Innistrad

Check out these new blue cards, coming to MTG Arena’s Alchemy format

Voracious Greatshark, illustrated by Mathias Kollros

Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast (WotC) and CovertGoBlue, check out these ten new Alchemy cards coming soon to MTG Arena!

Clone Crafter

A two-mana 1/2, Clone Crafter makes use of MTG Arena’s new conjure mechanic – adding a duplicate of a random creature card from your opponent’s library into your hand. The card advantage this generates is very strong, and the fact you may cast the creature using mana of any color makes it exceptionally flexible.

Discover the Formula

This expensive yet powerful Instant allows you to seek three nonland cards, and then have nonland cards in your hand perpetually cost one less mana to cast. While six mana is a lot, being able to tutor three cards is very powerful, and getting to cast them at discount is likely to make up for the initial investment.

Geist of Regret

A five-mana 4/5 with flying, this Spirit allows you to put both a random instant and a sorcery spell from your library into the graveyard whenever it enters the battlefield. Then, whenever you cast any instant or sorcery from your graveyard, you get to copy that spell. Getting double value for casting spells from your graveyard is already strong, but having that ability attached to a flying creature makes Geist of Regret a substantial threat.

Kindred Denial

Four-mana counterspells have a lot to live up to, and Kindred Denial could do just that. The ability to seek a card with the same mana value as the countered spell is a great way to replace resources in your hand, something that control players love.

Obsessive Collector

A four-mana 4/3, Obsessive Collector is a great midrange creature that comes equipped with ward 2 for evasion, and also allows you to seek a card each time you deal combat damage.

Tireless Angler

A three-mana 1/4, Tireless Angler allows you to draft a card from his spellbook whenever entering the battlefield. You can view the contents of Tireless Angler’s spellbook below.

Fleet Swallower Moat Piranhas Mystic Skyfish Nadir Kraken Pouncing Shoreshark Sea-Dasher Octopus Spined Megalodon Stinging Lionfish Voracious Greatshark Archipelagore Serpent of Yawning Depths Wormhole Serpent Sigiled Starfish Riptide Turtle Ruin Crab

Rimewall Protector

A nice addition to the Giant and Wizard tribes, Rimewall Protector is a strongly statted three-mana 3/4 with ward 1 that perpetually gives either your Giants or Wizards ward 1 when it enters the battlefield.

Oglor, Devoted Assistant

Oglor is a unique mythic rare that lets you look at the top two cards of your library and choose one to go to the graveyard. Additionally, any creature that’s sent from your hand or library to the graveyard perpetually gains “When this card leaves your graveyard, create a tapped 2/2 black Zombie creature token.”

Sinister Reflections

Sinister Reflections is a strong, cheap way to get more value out of your nontoken creatures already on the battlefield.

At the minimum, Unexpected Conversion is a Divination, but at its best, it allows you to exile an instant or sorcery card from your hand, along with any number of copies of it from your hand and library, in order to seek out a number of instant or sorceries equal to the number of cards exiled from your hand. The fact that this is a may ability lets you utilize the draw two portion of the card without being forced to exile cards and instead serves as a nice bonus when you want to get rid of extra dead cards.

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