Strasky Takes Top Spot In MPL After April Strixhaven League Weekend

Strasky and Kassis lock up invites to Magic World Championship XXVII.

Ondrej Strasky

Ondrej Strasky rattled off an 11-1 record in the April Strixhaven League Weekend to take the top spot in the MPL, clinching a spot in the World Championship XXVII and a returning position in the MPL for next season.

Strasky’s performance with Dimir Rogues (Lurrus) in Standard and Bant Ramp (Kaheera) in Historic allowed him to leap Gabriel Nassif and Paulo Vitor Damo Da Rosa, who he trailed going into the weekend, which guarantees his return to the MPL next season and rewards him with the bonus of not having to battle in the remaining two League Weekends or any Gauntlet tournaments.

Nassif at 41 points and Damo Da Rosa at 40 points will have the biggest edge going into the May Strixhaven League Weekend, where they will have a shot at locking up a slot at Magic World Championship XXVII and in the MPL. Reid Duke holds the fourth-place spot in the MPL standings after his 6-6 record this past weekend.

April Strixhaven League Weekend MPL results can be seen below along with total points for the season. Total points includes points earned from wins in the five League Weekends and the amount of points earned in the Zendikar Rising Championship. The official standings can be seen on Magic GG, though this weekend’s results haven’t been updated yet.

NameApril League Weekend RecordOverall Total Points
Ondrej Strasky11-144
Lee Shi Tian10-231
Martin Juza9-333
Gabriel Nassif8-441
Seth Manfield8-435
Ken Yukuhiro8-432
Carlos Romao8-427
Paulo Vitor Damo Da Rosa6-640
Reid Duke6-635
Rei Sato6-633
Javier Dominguez6-633
Andrea Mengucci6-633
Jean-Emmanuel Depraz6-631
Shahar Shenhar6-630
Shota Yasooka6-629
William Jensen 5-730
Brian Braun-Duin5-727
Andrew Cuneo5-726
Piotr Glogowski 5-725
Chris Kvartek4-824
Raphael Levy4-823
Marcio Carvalho3-933
Brad Nelson2-1033
Autumn Burchett1-1127

The bottom three players in the MPL standings — Raphael Levy, Chris Kvartek, and Piotr Glogowski — will fall from the MPL and play in the Rivals League next season. The next five lowest point earners at the end of the May Strixhaven League Weekend will also drop down to Rivals.

As for the Rivals League, Eli Kassis went 10-2 with Dimir Rogues (Lurrus) in Standard and Sultai Ramp in Historic to claim the top spot in the Rivals League, qualifying him for World Championship XXVII and the MPL next season.

Kassis will get to skip the remaining League Weekends, leaving Matt Sperling at 39 points, Stanislav Cifka at 37 points, and Luis Scott-Vargas at 36 points as the players in the best position to qualify for World Championship XXVII and the MPL in the May Strixhaven League Weekend.

The bottom five finishers in the Rivals League — Joel Larsson, Beatriz Grancha, John Rolf, Ben Stark, and Ally Warfield — are relegated from the league. April Strixhaven League Weekend Rivals results can be seen below along with total points for the season.

NameApril League Weekend RecordOverall Total Points
Eli Kassis10-241
Jakub Toth10-232
Luis Scott-Vargas9-336
Thoralf Severin9-334
Grzegorz Kowalski9-333
Matthieu Avignon9-328
Corey Burkhart8-435
Austin Bursavich8-435
Frederico Bastos8-430
Kai Budde8-428
Matias Leveratto8-427
Matt Sperling7-539
Bernardo Santos7-534
Kenta Harane7-528
Stanislav Cifka6-637
Mike Sigrist 6-632
Luis Salvatto6-632
Shintaro Ishimura6-630
Simon Gortzen6-630
Theo Moutier6-629
Eli Loveman6-627
Louis-Samuel Deltour6-627
Brent Vos6-625
Ma No Ah6-625
Ally Warfield6-623
Luca Magni5-735
Zachary Kiihne5-734
Yuta Takahashi5-732
Chris Botelho5-732
Ivan Floch5-731
Kenji Egashira5-730
Greg Orange5-726
Ryuzo Fujie5-724
Matt Nass5-724
Sebastian Pozzo5-724
John Rolf5-723
Beatriz Grancha 5-722
Joel Larrson5-721
Jacob Wilson4-829
Alexander Hayne4-828
Lucas Esper Berthoud4-827
Ben Stark4-823
Christian Hauck3-932
Riku Kumagai3-932
Miguel Da Cruz Simoes3-927
Yoshihiko Ikawa3-927

Remaining events in the season include League Weekends on May 15-16 and July 3-4 as well as the Strixhaven Championship on June 4-6.

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