Shipping Delays To Impact Double Masters Promos

Double Masters promo cards hit with shipping delays for some regions.

Wrath of God, illustrated by Thomas M. Baxa

Wizards of the Coast (WotC) has announced that due to shipping-related issues, the Wrath of God and Chord of Calling promotional cards for Double Masters are expected to be delayed in certain regions.

  • North America: Mostly unaffected, though some stores might see delays into next week.
  • Europe: Delayed until mid- to late August.
  • Asia Pacific: Delayed until late August.
  • Japan: Delayed until mid-August.
  • Latin America: Delayed until late August to early September.

While a specific reason for the delays has not been stated, WotC notes that these delays will “not affect any other Double Masters product…”, assuring that the preorders are still on schedule.

WotC encourages players who preordered Double Masters to check with their local game stores to see “how they’re handling distribution of late-arriving promos.”

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