Second Test In Strixhaven College Cup Begins Tomorrow On MTG Arena

Check out the updates and new events coming soon to MTG Arena.

Defend the Campus illustrated by Izzy

Wizards of the Coast (WotC) has provided a series of important details for the upcoming Strixhaven College Cup and other updates.

Strixhaven College Cup Continues

The second test in the Arena-wide competition starts tomorrow with the Test of Wit, which features 100-card Standard play with an emblem that creates treasure tokens for each player every turn. The Japanese Mystical Archive cards styles available in this event include: Strategic Planning, Shock, Defiant Strike, and Eliminate. Entry for the event that runs from May 20-25 is 2,500 gold or 500 gems.

The third and final test is set for May 27-31 and is called Test of Leadership. This event will be Strixhaven Brawl, which is Standard Brawl but players can only use legendary creatures and planeswalkers from Strixhaven: School of Mages as their commanders. Japanese Mystical Archive styles available will include: Adventurous Impulse, Village Rites, Divine Gambit, and Claim the Firstborn.

Witherbloom currently holds the lead in the College Cup. The school that wins the event will change the look of MTG Arena and award all players special sleeves of the winning school.

Historic Anthology 5 Available on May 27

The fifth anthology will provide 25 more cards to the Historic format and will cost 25,000 gold or 4,000 gems. Card styles for all cards will also be available on the release date.

You can view the full list of all 25 cards included in Historic Anthology V below:

Ancient Grudge Atarka's Command Court Homunculus Dragonstorm Dromoka's Command Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite Grisly Salvage Ichor Wellspring Intangible Virtue Into the North Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur Kolaghan's Command Merfolk Looter Ojutai's Command Ray of Revelation Relic of Progenitus Reverse Engineer Sheoldred, Whispering One Silumgar's Command Stifle Trash for Treasure Urabrask the Hidden Vault Skirge Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger Whirler Rogue

Strixhaven Draft Challenge Starts This Weekend

The Strixhaven Draft Challenge is a high-level Limited event set for May 22-25 featuring player drafts in best-of-three matches. Entry fee is 20,000 gold or 3,000 gems with players playing until they reach six wins or two losses. Updated prizes for the Draft Challenge listed below.

0 WinsNo Rewards
1 Win1 Player Draft Token
2 Wins1 Player Draft Token and 3 Strixhaven Packs
3 Wins2 Player Draft Tokens and 6 Strixhaven Packs
4 Wins 3 Player Draft Tokens and 10 Strixhaven Packs
5 Wins3 Player Draft Tokens and 15 Strixhaven Packs
6 Wins4 Player Draft Tokens and 20 Strixhaven Packs

Unsanctioned And Unstable Basic Lands Return To Store

The Unsanctioned and Unstable full-art basic lands will return to the MTG Arena store on May 27. Each bundle of five will cost 12,500 gold or 2,500 gems.

Schedule of Events

FNM @ Home

  • May 21: Artisan
  • May 28: Omniscience
  • June 4: Pauper

Quick Drafts

  • May 14–28: Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths
  • May 28 – June 10: Strixhaven: School of Mages

Special Events

  • May 20-25: College Cup: Test of Wit
  • May 27 – June 1: College Cup: Test of Leadership
  • May 27: Historic Anthology 5 on sale

May Ranked Season Rewards

The May Ranked Season runs until 12 pm PT on May 31. Rewards are listed below:

Bronze1 Strixhaven Pack
Silver1 Strixhaven Pack, 500 Gold
Gold2 Strixhaven Packs, 1,000 Gold, and Clever Luminancer Card Style
Platinum 3 Strixhaven Packs, 1,000 Gold, and Clever Luminancer and Rushed Rebirth Card Styles
Diamond 4 Strixhaven Packs, 1,000 Gold, and Clever Luminancer and Rushed Rebirth Card Styles
Mythic5 Strixhaven Packs, 1,000 Gold, and Clever Luminancer and Rushed Rebirth Card Styles

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