SCG Louisville, SCG Philadelphia, and SCG CON Summer Cancelled

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As the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation continues to evolve, we have decided to cancel the following SCG Tour events for the health and safety of our staff, attendees, and everyone else who has a part in making the SCG Tour happen: 

  • May 23-24 SCG Louisville  
  • May 30-31 SCG Philadelphia  
  • June 11-14 SCG CON Summer

Anyone who preregistered for any of these events will be refunded the full amount of their entry fee over the coming days. If you have any travel-related questions regarding individual airlines’ and/or hotels’ cancellation/refund policies, please contact the airline(s) and/or hotel(s) directly to request a refund or credit. 

Here’s how these event cancellations will affect those who are already qualified for, or had been working towards qualifying for, our 2020 SCG Tour Season One Invitational and/or 2020 Star City Games Players’ Championship:   

  1. All Season One Invitational qualifications will be deferred to the Season Two Invitational 
  2. All Point Qualifications for the Season Two Invitational at SCG CON Winter will be based on the SCG Tour Player of the Year rankings. All players with fifteen (15) points in the SCG Tour Player of the Year rankings (which includes SCG Points earned in both Season One and Season Two) will qualify for the Season Two Invitational at SCG CON Winter. 
  3. The one Players’ Championship qualification that was to be awarded to our Season One Invitational winner will now be awarded to our Season Two Invitational finalist. 
  4. The three Players’ Championship qualifications that were to be awarded to our top three Season One SCG Point leaders will still be awarded based on that same criteria. Congratulations to Zach Allen, Will Pulliam and Pete Ingram, who will all be joining 2019’s returning Star City Games Players’ Champion Oliver Tomajko at the 2020 Star City Games Players’ Championship! 

We continue to actively monitor the ongoing COVID-19 situation, and will share future updates — including our 2020 SCG Tour Season Two schedule and any additional SCG Tour-related changes that may need to be made – as we are able to do so.  

Thank you for your continued understanding, and support of Star City Games, during this unprecedented time. 

For the latest updates, please check the NEWS section of our Star City Games website, along with our official Facebook and Twitter accounts.