Rosewater Teases Cards, Mechanics From Core Set 2021

Rosewater drops a bevy of hints – getting the Core 2021 hype train rolling!

Earlier today, Magic: The Gathering Head Designer, Mark Rosewater, shared a post on his Blogatog teasing tons of new information about Core Set 2021.

While Rosewater provided a wealth of hints of things to come in Core Set 2021, nothing concrete was previewed, leaving the Magic community to speculate to their heart’s content.

Previously announced all the way back in September, we already know that everyone’s favorite time manipulating planeswalker, Teferi, is returning to play a large role in Core Set 2021. With today’s news however, it looks like a brand new planeswalker (from a previously visited plane!) could possibly steal the spotlight.

With Core Set 2021 preview season rapidly approaching, Rosewater has certainly given Magic fans a lot to think about. Which of his numerous hints has you the most excited?