Good Morning Magic Delivers Core Set Trivia

Gavin Verhey talks trivia for every core set from Alpha to Core Set 2020.

Black Lotus, illustrated by Christopher Rush

Gavin Verhey packs today’s episode of Good Morning Magic full of historic trivia on every core set that has been released.

With preview season for Core Set 2021 coming in a few days, Verhey highlighted trivia from every core set dating back to Alpha. Below are the quick hits for each core set.

Volcanic Island

  • Unlimited: First white-border set.

Mox Emerald

  • Revised: Moxen removed, quality of life improvements like tap symbol. Reprints from non-core sets added.
  • Fourth Edition: Tap symbol changed and new white mana symbol implemented.


  • Fifth Edition: Largest core set at 449 cards with 218 cards getting new art.
  • Sixth Edition: Set nicknamed Classic, introduces stack. First core set with an expansion symbol. No longer checked at end of phases to see if a player died. Basic land text boxes changed to mana symbols not words.
  • Seventh Edition: Every card had new art. first core set with foils (had black borders) and a story line.
  • Eight Edition: New card frame and included a card from every expansion.
  • Ninth Edition: Addition of auras and equipment reprinted. First Russian printing (with black bordered). Birds of Paradise removed.

Academy Researchers

  • Tenth Edition: Black border returns for core set. Legendary creatures in core set first time and first inclusion of tokens in booster packs.
  • Magic 2010: Rule changes removed more damage on the stack and mana burn. New terminology like battlefield and exile. First core set with new cards.

Primeval Titan

  • Magic 2011: Scry returns as a keyword and includes the titans for the first time.
  • Magic 2012: Bloodthirst returns and introduces “dies” terminology.

Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker

  • Magic 2013: First face/character of core set, Nicol Bolas, first multicolor card in core set.
  • Magic 2014: Chandra as face, slivers return with changes, legend rule and planeswalker uniqueness rule change.

Garruk, Apex Predator

  • Magic 2015: Garruk as face. Fifteen cards from external designers. New frame with security stamp.
  • Magic Origins: “Last” core set at the time. Story approach focused on the Gatewatch with flip cards in a core set for the first time.

Arcades, the Strategist

  • Core Set 2019: Nicol Bolas as the face and elder dragons return.
  • Core Set 2020: Chandra as face and elemental sub theme.