Rosewater Indicates Commander Legends 2 Will Be Made

Magic Head Designer all but confirms follow up to first Commander Legends set.

Sol Ring, illustrated by Mike Bierek

Mark Rosewater, the Head Designer for Magic, said that there will most likely be another Commander Legends set made at some point on his blog today.

When asked with whether Commander Legends 2 would be an if or when, Rosewater responded on his Blogatog with “when” stating that the first one was so successful they will most likely make a follow up edition. The answer of “when” reads as if the second one is already in the pipeline, though the second part of the answer leans on “odds are we’ll make another” which isn’t quite as decisive.

With the rise in Commander preconstructed decks being produced with each Standard legal set, a yearly Commander standalone product, and the clear impact Commander is making on every set being made whether it’s Standard legal or something like Modern Horizons 2, the release of a second Commander Legends set seems inevitable.