Product Packaging For Upcoming Innistrad Set Reportedly Leaked

New Reddit leaks appear to show the Japanese packaging for upcoming Innistrad set as well as some familiar faces.

Olivia Voldaren, illustrated by Eric Deschamps

The Japanese product packaging for the upcoming set, Innistrad: The Midnight Hunt, has reportedly been leaked on Reddit.

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Shared to the magicTCG subreddit by user /u/lintongxue, the images appear to show the return of planeswalkers Teferi and Wrenn and Six, as well as fan-favorite Vampire, Olivia Voldaren.

Other keen-eyed Redditors have pointed out what appears to be Arlinn Kord featured on the packaging as well, suggesting the Werewolves of Innistrad could play a prominent role in the upcoming set.

So what do you think of these leaks? If they are real, which character are you most excited to see return? Let us know in the comments below!