Players Tour Competitors Provided Fully Stocked MTG Arena Accounts

Good news for Players Tour competitors – fully stocked MTG Arena accounts are being provided!

Rootbound Crag by Grzegorz Rutkowski

After a great deal of community push-back surrounding yesterday’s 2020 Partial Season updates, Magic Esports has announced that they will be providing fully-stocked MTG Arena accounts for each Players Tour events taking place in June.

The move to shift all the major 2020 Partial Season events to MTG Arena was, while necessary due to COVID-19, a major issue for many of the participants who did not have the means to build a competitive collection on the platform, and many took to Twitter to voice their frustrations.

In the end, WotC decided to provide the stocked accounts in order to “make things easier” on the players, but also made it clear that “this will not be their policy for online events moving forward.”