Meddling Mage And Vengevine To Return In Double Masters

Two of Magic’s most iconic creatures return in Magic’s newest set.

Meddling Mage, illustrated by Christopher Moeller

Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast (WotC) and Rakdos Cast’s Sandoiche, check out two multi-format all-stars making a return in Double Masters — Meddling Mage and Vengevine!

Meddling Mage Vengevine

Chris Pikula’s Invitational card Meddling Mage made its debut in Planeshift bearing his likeness on the original printing. With new art reprints in Alara Reborn and as a judge promo, Meddling Mage will get its third new art as a box topper in Double Masters.

Meddling Mage has long found a home in a variety of decks across formats. From Legacy Jeskai Stoneblade decks to Modern Humans, the flexible two-mana 2/2 can lock down combo decks while applying pressure.

Vengevine keeps its original art and maintains its mythic rarity with its second non-promo reprinting after Ultimate Masters. Vengevine continues to find its way into unfair strategies, often abusing the graveyard. From Modern to Vintage, the hasty 4/3 often teams up with Hollow One or enchantments like Bridge from Below and Survival of the Fittest to ensure victory.