Magic: The Gathering Companion App Launches

The ultimate mobile tool for playing in events at your local game store, at home, and in competitions launches today

The Magic: the Gathering Companion tabletop app for iOS and Android launched today after a year of development and build up.

The app allows players to join events at participating WPN stores and allow organizers to run events. On top of hosting events, the app lets players record match results, track life totals, see pairings, view standings, and more all from your phone.

The app allows organizers to host events for up to 16 players and all players don’t have to be using the app, though it is helpful if they do. No details were included for events larger than 16 people, like local game store prereleases or former PPTQs or IQs that often exceed 16 players.

The life tracking option on Companion can be customized for different game types and formats ranging from Standard to Commander with four players. Life is tracked for all players along with floating mana, storm count, and even poison counters.

The app is free to download and updates are expected to continue to roll out roughly every two weeks.

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