Magic Online Bug Fixes, Premier Play Changes On The Horizon

Bug issues and leaderboard point complaints addressed by Magic Online Twitter account.

Lavinia, Azorius Renegade, illustrated by Steven Belledin

Magic Online announced on Twitter yesterday that multiple bug fixes will be coming soon along with some adjustments to leaderboard points and event prizes.

With yesterday’s update to the client, Oath of Druids should work correctly with Grafdigger’s Cage and similar effects. Players have posted on Twitter screenshots over the past weeks of players using Grafdigger’s Cage to shut down the opponent’s graveyard while still being able to use their Oath of Druids to put a creature on the battlefield. A fix for Transmogrify isn’t ready yet, but is in the works. A hot fix scheduled for today should address issues with the dredge mechanic and issues with how Lavinia, Azorius Renegade works.

Newly re-implemented leaderboard points will be removed from Format Challenges so players are not incentivized to play more than a dozen events a weekend. Legacy and Pioneer Challenges are upping their minimum entry number to 64 and raising the prize structure match that of the Modern Challenge.

Lastly, even though Magic Online removed the Limited Showcase, the team is exploring new ideas to increase Limited premier play opportunities.