Kaldheim Festival Events Coming Soon To MTG Arena

Check our the new events coming soon to MTG Arena!

Eradicator Valkyrie, illustrated by Tyler Jacobson

Wizards of the Coast (WotC) has announced the schedule for a series of new events coming soon to MTG Arena.

Kaldheim Festival

Festival events will award exclusive animated emotes which can be seen here.

  • March 20–23: On the Edge
  • March 27–April 1: Historic Brawl

Historic Shakeup

Historic Shakeup is a free to enter Historic queue that features a rotating set of banned cards. These events allow players to compete for two rare, non-Standard cards as rewards.

  • Week 1: March 12–19
  • Week 2: March 19–26
  • Week 3: March 26–April 2

FNM @ Home

Compete to earn exclusive promo codes awarded through your local game store. The following cards are banned for the upcoming March 19 Standard Shakeup FNM @ Home event:

Binding the Old Gods Bonecrusher Giant Brazen Borrower Claim the Firstborn Embercleave Goldspan Dragon Lovestruck Beast Luminarch Aspirant Omen of the Sea Showdown of the Skalds Thieves' Guild Enforcer Tibalt's Trickery Ugin, the Spirit Dragon Valki, God of Lies Yorion, Sky Nomad Zenith Flare

FNM @ Home for the week of March 26 will feature the Pauper format, where players will build Historic-legal decks comprised of only common cards. For this event, only Persistent Petitioners will be banned.

Persistent Petitioners

Upcoming Draft Formats

  • March 13–26: War of the Spark Premier Draft
  • March 26–April 2: Core Set Premier Draft
  • March 13–April 2: Kaldheim Quick Draft
  • April 2–16: Throne of Eldraine Quick Draft

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