Huschenbeth, Dimir Rogues (Lurrus), Wins Kaldheim Championship

7-time GP Top 8 competitor dominates on the Sunday stage.

Soaring Thought-Thief, illustrated by Lie Setiawan

Arne Huschenbeth won the Kaldheim Championship on Sunday with Dimir Rogues (Lurrus) in Standard and Orzhov Auras (Lurrus) in Historic.

Huschenbeth made the Top 8 with a 12-3 record in the Swiss, including being the last undefeated player at 8-0 before taking his first loss. The German entered the double-elimination bracket as the No. 3 seed and sliced through the competition, only losing a single game to Grzegorz Kowalski in the second round of the upper bracket. Once reaching the championship match, Huschenbeth waited for a final opponent to emerge from the lower bracket.

Kowalski and his Sultai Ramp (Yorion) deck made it back for a rematch, but he failed to take a game in the two-match set. Huschenbeth was able to apply quick pressure and leverage counterspells to prevent Kowalski from overpowering him in the late-game, earning Huschenbeth $15,000.

Dimir Rogues was one of the lesser-played decks in Kaldheim Standard, but up the third highest win rate in the field. Gruul Adventures led the way with with a 59.3% win rate, followed by Temur Adventures at 57.4%, then Dimir Rogues at 52.8%. Sultai Ramp (Yorion), the most played deck, barely managed over 50% at 50.3%.

Huschenbeth went 7-1 in Historic with Orzhov Auras (Lurrus), which was the second most-played deck in the field and put up the second highest win rate at 60.1%. Of the ten players that went 7-1 or better in Historic, five of them played Orzhov Auras (Lurrus).

Abzan Midrange (Yorion) was the top performing Historic deck with eight pilots putting up a 63.4% win rate. Shahar Shenhar was the only player on Abzan Midrange (Yorion) to make the Top 8 with the pile of value cards and hate cards tied together with Yorion, Sky Nomad.

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