Good Morning Magic Teases New Art From Commander Legends

Try to crack a few more hints about Commander Legends and see a new piece of art.

Commander Legends previews begin next week so Gavin Verhey used today’s episode of Good Morning Magic to give six more teasers before the fun begins.

Check out the hints, including the final one that shows off new art from the set.

  • An 11th member of a popular ten card cycle
  • There are two main creature types getting a lot of tribal support in Commander Legends. One is a classic with many decks through history, the other is a newer one
  • Multiple legends that have only had one attribution in flavor text
  • A sorcery that begins “Each player secretly chooses a number zero or greater then all players reveal those numbers simultaneously “
  • A commander that basically brings back an old Magic rule
  • An uncommon reprint from the set with this brand new art:

Verhey will be back next week with a new episode of Good Morning Magic each day of the week showing off preview cards from Commander Legends.