Good Morning Magic Shows Off Rejected Commander Legends Cards

Take a look at 21 legends that were considered for Commander Legends.

Predator, Flagship, illustrated by Mark Tedin

Gavin Verhey displayed 21 legends that didn’t make the cut for Commander Legends on today’s episode of Good Morning Magic.

In his Twilight Zone spinoff episode, Verhey displayed Commander Legends playtest cards of legendary creatures seen on cards in Magic history. Some characters are iconic like Hurkyl, Eladmari, and Gerrard, but others range from family members to other characters or even just people mentioned in flavor text.

Take a look at Gerrard, Hero and Martyr, Hurkyl, Founder of Lat-Nam, and Eladamri, the Uniter.

You can also check out Blunk, Skullcracker known from the flavor text of Skullcrack.

There even is a playtest card for a vehicle that could be a commander in Predator, based off the Nemesis card Predator, Flagship.

Other characters shown include: Rofellos, Ashnod, Lin Sivvi, Talara, Tahngarth, and even Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar from the flavor text of Granite Gargoyle.