Good Morning Magic Shows How To Start A Commander Boxing League

Learn how to play Commander a new way.

Command Tower, illustrated by Ryan Yee.

Gavin Verhey used today’s episode of Good Morning Magic to explain how to play Commander in a boxing league.

This new way of playing Commander doesn’t take into account the size of your collection and was pioneered by Sheldon Menery and Brian David-Marshall. The first step is to find a certain amount of players to make the league with enough players to switch up pods throughout the league (Verhey recommended around a dozen). With being able to play online easily these days, the league can be made up of people around the world. Then, pick out how many weeks to run the league (Verhey suggests four weeks is optimal).

The next step is for each player to pick a booster box of a set that was at some point Standard legal and crack it open. Each player builds a normal Commander deck from the contents using only cards opened from the box and basic lands. Then play a match or two, or however many the league determined to play each week. From there, each additional week you play each player adds six booster packs to their card pool from a set they haven’t used yet to improve their decks.

Players can opt for a casual league or a competitive one by assigning match points to how players finish in their matches. Verhey wraps up the video explaining how he built his deck for his league and the changes his deck went though as he progressed the league.