Good Morning Magic Recommends Underrated Commander Cards

Episode highlights for cards you can probably use in one your Commander decks.

Equal Treatment, illustrated by Tim Hildebrandt & Greg Hildebrandt

Gavin Verhey shows off four underplayed cards in Commander in today’s episode of Good Morning Magic.

Verhey plays a lot of Commander so he has seen more cards than most when it comes to the format’s deep cuts. Check out four uncommons that fly under the radar in the format that can help out your decks.

Mercadia's Downfall

Mercadia’s Downfall is a surprise finisher, as most Commander decks are made of mostly nonbasic lands. It works well with evasion and double strike to take out players in one shot (let’s not even talk about infect damage).

Equal Treatment

Equal Treatment can prevent you from losing to one big turn whether it be a spell combo or giant attack step. It’s also good against damage based sweepers, while its floor is never that bad as it also effectively cycles if it isn’t helping at the moment.


Verhey encourages more color hosers, but not in the sense that they punish players with things like Boil or Flashfires. Cards like Insight and Carpet of Flowers benefit you from other players being a certain color while not making it miserable for them.


Most players love a Regrowth, especially with the powerful haymakers that are used in Commander. Reap is almost always a better Regrowth that can scale to absurd levels and it doesn’t exile, meaning you can get it back with cards like Eternal Witness or even other Regrowths to keep the value train going full steam.