Good Morning Magic Previews Tomorrow’s Commander Panel

Gavin Verhey teases preview of new Baron Sengir card in tomorrow’s CommandFest Online panel.

Baron Sengir, illustrated by Pete Venters

With CommandFest Online 2 starting tomorrow, Gavin Verhey used today’s episode of Good Morning Magic to preview the panel he will host alongside Jules Robins and Ari Nieh.

At 1 pm ET/10 am PT, Verhey and company will host a panel on twitch.tv/channelfireball detailing the future of Commander and going over some new information for Commander Legends. Verhey went over what we already know about Commander Legends:

  • Set dedicated for drafting Commander
  • Cards from all over different planes and time in MTG history
  • Larger than a normal set
  • Booster packs will be 20 cards, not 15
  • Each pack has two legends and a foil card
  • There will be more than 70 new legends
  • The green magus is included, completing a cycle years in the making
  • Two preconstructed decks will be released with three new cards in each deck not found in the main set

Verhey reminded us that the release date is still unknown, but also teased a card he will unveil tomorrow. The new Baron Sengir card will be previewed and Verhey said its name is officially “Sengir, the Dark Baron.”