Good Morning Magic Previews Rebels In Time Spiral Remastered

Check out the return of Rebels and a constructed staple getting the old-border treatment.

Knight of the Holy Nimbus, illustrated by Wayne England

Today marks the beginning of Time Spiral Remastered previews and Gavin Verhey showed off a handful of white cards on Good Morning Magic.

The next handful of days will be jammed packed with previews from the set of reprints from the Time Spiral block. Today will be white cards with blue to follow tomorrow. Verhey kicked things off by previewing the return of Rebels, a mainstay creature type from Standard during Mercadian Masques block that partially took place on Dominaria. Time Spiral block borrowed the Rebels and they became the white/black archetype in Limited.

Amrou Scout, Amrou Seekers, and Knight of the Holy Nimbus are creatures based off cards from Legends, originally. Amrou Scout and Amrou Seekers were key parts of the Limited Rebels decks as Scout can help you build your army, including Seekers, and then Seekers giving your Rebels evasion. These Rebels are also Kithkin, working as teasers of what was to come in Lorwyn, though the first ever Kithkin was in Legends as Amrou Kithkin.

Amrou Scout Amrou Kithkin

Amrou Seekers Seeker

Knight of the Holy Nimbus Clergy of the Holy Nimbus

Amrou Seekers is based off the aura Seeker and Knight of the Holy Nimbus comes from Clergy of the Holy Nimbus with a similar ability that makes the opponent pay mana to kill it.

Next up is Saltfield Recluse from Planar Chaos, getting the ability to give a creature -2/-0, which is a different take on the classic white ability of preventing damage. Blade of the Sixth Pride is returning with new art and a non-future frame from Future Sight. A vanilla creature doesn’t impress, but having the Rebel creature type gives it more utility. The other reprint from the block Verhey previewed was Duskrider Peregrine based off Duskrider Falcon from Weatherlight.

Saltfield Recluse Sanctum Custodian

Blade of the Sixth Pride Duskrider Peregrine

The last card Verhey previewed was Thraben Inspector, getting the timeshifted treatment as an inclusion in the Time Spiral Remastered bonus sheet. The one-mana 1/2 from Shadows Over Innistrad was a constructed staple and will now get a new version to collect. Verhey also hinted at white getting some reprints that will help Thraben Inspector enter the battlefield multiple times to generate more value off the clues.