Good Morning Magic Previews New Two-Mana Land In Commander Legends

Episode also covers draft archetypes for the new set.

Gavin Verhey broke down the ten two-color draft archetypes in Commander Legends on today’s episode of Good Morning Magic and previewed a new two-mana land — Guildless Commons!

Many of the draft archetypes are the usual themes for most Limited sets, but Commander Legends does have tribal themes for two pairs, and some different payoffs for most of the recognized strategies.

  • Selesnya: +1+1 counters
  • Azorius: Flyers
  • Dimir: Graveyard matters
  • Rakdos: Sacrifice
  • Gruul: Having biggest creature
  • Boros: Auras and equipment
  • Izzet: Pirates
  • Simic: Big spells
  • Golgari: Elves
  • Orzhov: Tokens

While Dimir revolves around the graveyard, it takes into account reanimation, counting graveyards, and the new encore mechanic. Elves and Pirates are the tribes for Golgari and Izzet, Simic ramps into big spells with cascade bonuses, Gruul wants big creatures but cars specifically about having the biggest creature, and Orzhov is the tokens archetype this time and can go wide and tall with payoffs.

To cap the episode, Verhey previewed a new two-mana land that originally was pitched way back for Oath of the Gatewatch, but was ultimately left out from the Eldrazi/colorless mana set. Take a look at Guildless Commons!

Much like the Karoo-style lands from the original Ravnica block, Guildless Commons enters the battlefield tapped and requires you to return a land to your hand. It taps for two colorless mana and as Verhey pointed out, it can go in any Commander deck — even mono-colored or completely colorless decks. That distinction sets it apart from the guild-aligned Karoo lands, because of the Commander color identity restrictions.

What do you think of Guildless Commons? Will it go in all or just most of your Commander decks?