Good Morning Magic Points Out Kaldheim Easter Eggs

Learn some Kaldheim tidbits ranging from art info to the Phyrexians.

Fearless Pup
Fearless Pup, illustrated by Jehan Choo

With players enjoying Kaldheim on all platforms, Gavin Verhey dropped six Easter eggs from the set on today’s Good Morning Magic.

The art from Binding the Old Gods and The Three Seasons Sagas are based off hand-carved wood by the artists.

Victor Adame Minguez with Binding the Old Gods

Binding the Old Gods

The metal horns being flashed by the mage in Annul wasn’t in the art description for the card, artist Caio Monteiro put them in and they were approved.


White’s Starnheim Unleashed, Doomskar, and Glorious Protector look awfully similar to the white rares from Avacyn Restored: Entreat the Angels, Terminus, and Restoration Angel. Dave Humpherys was the lead designer on both sets so it’s no surprise to see him going back to designs that worked.

Starnheim Unleashed Doomskar Glorious Protector

Entreat the Angels Terminus Restoration Angel

Every card with the boast mechanic has flavor text of the character boasting except for the two rares that didn’t have room in the text box: Eradicator Valkyrie and Dragonkin Berserker.

Horizon Seeker Goldmaw Champion Fearless Pup

Eradicator Valkyrie Dragonkin Berserker

Ascendant Spirit is based off Figure of Destiny which had another spinoff, Warden of the First Tree.

Figure of Destiny Warden of the First Tree Ascendant Spirit

Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider has brought the Phyrexian creature type back to Magic after the first appearance in Mystery Booster on Vazal, the Compleat playtest card. Verhey ended the video with a tease that more things might be coming to Magic that appeared in the special set.

Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider Vazal, the Compleat