Good Morning Magic Gives Strixhaven Prerelease Primer

Learn more about the Strixhaven prerelease and what to expect with the new set.

Witherbloom Campus illustrated by Alayna Danner

With the Strixhaven: School of Mages prerelease happening this weekend, Gavin Verhey used this episode of Good Morning Magic to show how to build a deck and enjoy the event.

Verhey started the video talking about how to begin. Most prerelease events for sets include six packs from the set to build your deck. With Strixhaven, you get to choose a college for your pack to be themed. The pack comes with five normal Strixhaven boosters as well as a curated pack that contains only cards from the two colors of the college you selected. This way, if you really want to build and play a Quandrix deck, you can.

Quandrix Campus Prismari Campus Lorehold Campus

Once you pick your college, bust open your packs and build your deck. Verhey pointed out that most decks will be two colors, but splashing a third color with one of the colleges isn’t that hard, particularly if you get any mana fixing in the form of the new common Campus lands. Ideally, splashing will be best with a college that shares a color. So if you’re playing Silverquill, splashing cards from Lorehold or Witherbloom will work out better than trying to use blue cards.

Lorehold Command Silverquill Command Witherbloom Command

From there, building a Sealed deck is the same as usual. Play around seventeen lands, fifteen or so creatures, and fill out the rest with spells. Make sure you have a strong curve and look out for your bombs, removal, and evasive creatures. While many stores still aren’t open for in-person prereleases, players can still pick up prerelease packs to play at home or online with friends on Spelltable.