Good Morning Magic Details Core Set 2021 Draft Archetypes

Dive into all 10 allied color pairs in Core Set 2021 draft.

Indulging Patrician, illustrated by Miranda Meeks

With Core Set 2021 coming to Magic Arena tomorrow, Gavin Verhey used today’s episode of Good Morning Magic to break down how to draft the ten allied-colored pairs in the set.

Each pair has a signpost uncommon card to help lead you in drafting them. They will help you when deciding what to draft around and be cornerstones to the decks.

Conclave Mentor Leafkin Avenger Watcher of the Spheres Obsessive Stitcher Experimental Overload

Dire Fleet Warmonger Indulging Patrician Lorescale Coatl Twinblade Assassins Alpine Houndmaster

Color PairArchetype
Selesnya+1+1 Counters
OrzhovLife gain
SimicDrawing second card
IzzetSpells Matter
BorosGo Wide

After covering the pairs, Verhey talked about some of the combinations of three-color decks and good options like Temur and Jund.