First Images Of MTG Streets Of New Capenna Packaging Potentially Leaked

Pictures of new MTG set packaging surface early on Facebook.

Editors note: The following information has not yet been confirmed or denied by Wizards of the Coast (WotC) and should be treated as such until an official statement has been made.

Images of the bundle and a Draft Booster for Streets of New Capenna were allegedly leaked on Facebook Marketplace Sunday.

Reddit user Gengar_Pirate posted images of the post from Facebook to the Magic TCG subreddit, sharing pictures of what appears to be an art card, a spindown D20, the bundle, and a Draft Booster. You can view those images below.

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The first picture with the bundle and partial Draft Booster also shows a purple spindown D20 with what could be the set symbol for the next set scheduled to be released on April 29. The bundle art looks like a devil driving a car with an angel hood ornament while the Draft Booster shows already revealed art for Ob Nixlis, who has been confirmed to be in the set.

Click to see Potential Leak

Another image shows an art card of a rhino or what could be a creature from the Rhox line of creatures, originally from the Bant colors in Shards of Alara. With Streets of New Capenna stated to have three-color demon crime families, it’s possible one of the families is Bant aligned, which could signal a return to the shards which haven’t been used since 2009. The wedge three-color combinations have shown up in Khans of Tarkir and Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths.

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