Dates And Formats Of Next Three Qualifier Weekends Announced

Learn more about the next three Qualifier Weekends on MTG Arena.

Wizards of the Coast (WotC) has announced the dates and formats for the next three Qualifier Weekend events on MTG Arena.

Qualifier Weekends are events that allow players to qualify for the next set championship and are an on-ramp to the highest level of competitive Magic play. The next three Qualifier Weekends are:

  • Aug. 7-8: Standard
  • Oct. 9-10: Innistrad: Midnight Haunt Phantom Sealed
  • Oct. 30-31: Historic

To qualify to play in these events, players can hold a rank of Top 1,200 on either the Constructed or Limited ranked ladder on Arena for qualifying seasons, reach seven wins on Day 2 of the previous Arena Open prior to the Qualifier Weekend, finish with six wins on Day 1 of the most recent Qualifier Weekend, or earn fewer than ten match points at the Strixhaven Championship.

Corresponding ladder seasons for Qualifier Weekends breaks down to these time frames:

  • May, June, and July ranked seasons all qualify for the Aug. 7-8 Qualifier Weekend
  • August ranked season qualifies for the Oct. 9-10 Qualifier Weekend
  • September ranked season qualifies for the Oct. 30-31 Qualifier Weekend

Some players will already have qualifications for Day 2 of the Qualifier Weekends. If you finished with six wins on Day 2 of the most recent Qualifier Weekend you will be awarded entry to Day 2 of the next Qualifier Weekend. WotC has also added a benefit for Magic Hall of Fame members who are not already qualified for the feeding set championship, by giving them entry to Day 2 of Qualifier Weekends.

Other details for the Qualifier Weekends:

  • Players who reach Day 2 of any constructed Qualifier Weekend can switch to a different deck on the second day of competition
  • Players will get a new Sealed pool on Day 2 of the Phantom Sealed Qualifier Weekend
  • Each day, matches will be traditional best-of-three matches with sideboarding
  • Players will earn gems scaling per amount of wins on each day
  • All players must be 18 years of age or older to compete in a Qualifier Weekend

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