Damo Da Rosa Holds On To Top Spot In MPL After February Kaldheim League Weekend

Jensen’s 9-2 record the best on the weekend, though world champ stays in first place.

Despite a 6-5 record with Mono-White Aggro in the February Kaldheim League Weekend, reigning world champ Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa still holds a one-point lead atop the MPL standings.

Damo da Rosa entered the weekend with a one-point lead over Gabriel Nassif, but the hall-of-famer from France also went 6-5 with Abzan Blink (Yorion) to leave the top two spots unchanged with Damo da Rosa at 34 points and Nassif at 33. Brad Nelson moved into a tie for third place with Ondrej Strasky at 31 total points after Nelson went 7-4 and Strasky went 8-3 both with Sultai Ramp (Yorion).

William Jensen had the best performance out of the entire MPL and Rivals League on the weekend, going 9-2 with Naya Adventures and climbing into tenth place at 25 points. Strasky was one of four players to go 8-3 with Lee Shi Tian being the only other MPLer to do so with Four-Color Cycling (Lurrus).

February Kaldheim League Weekend MPL results can be seen below along with total points for the season. Total points includes points earned from wins in the four League Weekends and the amount of points earned in the Zendikar Rising Championship. The official standings can be seen on Magic GG, though this weekend’s results haven’t been updated yet.

NameFebruary League Weekend RecordOverall Total Points
William Jensen9-225
Ondrej Strasky8-331
Lee Shi Tian8-321
Brad Nelson7-431
Reid Duke7-428
Rei Sato7-427
Ken Yukuhiro7-423
Andrew Cuneo7-417
Paulo Vitor Damo Da Rosa6-534
Gabriel Nassif6-533
Andrea Mengucci6-527
Marcio Carvalho6-527
Brian Braun-Duin6-522
Autumn Burchett5-625
Javier Dominguez5-623
Shahar Shenhar5-620
Chris Kvartek5-620
Shota Yasooka5-619
Raphael Levy4-719
Piotr Glogowski4-718
Seth Manfield3-827
Jean-Emmanuel Depraz3-825
Carlos Romao3-818
Martin Juza0-1123

As for the Rivals League, Eli Kassis and Yuta Takahashi led the way with 8-3 records with Naya Adventures and Temur Adventures (Obosh), respectively. Kassis moved into a tie for first with Stanislav Cifka at 31 points, who went 7-4 with Sultai Ramp (Yorion). Takahashi moved up seven spots to seventh after his strong weekend.

Other members of the Rivals League to go 7-4 were: Matt Sperling, Christian Hauck, Luca Magni, Thoralf Severin, Chris Botelho, and Ryuzo Fuji. February Kaldheim League Weekend Rivals results can be seen below along with total points for the season.

NameJanuary League Weekend RecordOverall Total Points
Eli Kassis8-331
Yuta Takahashi8-327
Stanislav Cifka7-431
Matt Sperling7-430
Christian Hauck7-429
Luca Magni7-428
Thoralf Severin7-425
Chris Botelho7-425
Ryuzo Fujie7-419
Corey Burkhart6-527
Ivan Floch6-526
Riku Kumagai6-525
Austin Bursavich6-525
Kenji Egashira6-525
Alexander Hayne6-524
Jacob Wilson6-524
Eli Loveman6-521
Matias Leveratto6-519
John Rolf6-517
Beatriz Grancha6-517
Zachary Kiihne5-628
Mike Sigrist5-625
Luis Salvatto5-624
Miguel Da Cruz Simoes5-624
Lucas Esper Berthoud5-623
Theo Moutier5-623
Yoshihiko Ikawa5-622
Greg Orange5-621
Louis-Samuel Deltour5-621
Grzegorz Kowalski5-620
Brent Vos5-619
Ma No Ah5-619
Sebastian Pozzo5-619
Simon Gortzen4-724
Shintaro Ishimura4-724
Jakub Toth4-722
Frederico Bastos4-722
Kai Budde4-720
Ben Stark4-719
Ally Warfield 4-717
Luis Scott-Vargas3-825
Bernardo Santos3-825
Kenta Harane3-821
Matt Nass3-819
Matthieu Avignon3-819
Joel Larsson3-816

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